October 26, 2008

Welcome to Man Can Cook! My name is Victor and I am here to promote ideas and knowledge relating to cooking like a man. My food philosophy is simple: if it tastes good, eat it! Since I was little I loved food. Technically, food is needed for survival. But it was always so much more. It filled my belly and kept me nourished, but it tasted great and made me happy.

Over the past few years my love for food has expanded dramatically. Growing up I never got to experience truly great food. Home cooked meals were usually simple; nothing that really caught my taste buds. My love for food was based on the sugary sweet processed foods that all kids love but should have only in moderation. However, upon moving to the Bay Area in 2004, and subsequently meeting the woman who would later become my wife, my tastes began to change. I began learning new things about what food could really be and how I could do it myself.

Now, what does any of this have to do with being a man? It’s simple really: if you’re a man you need to know how to cook. From college frat boys to family men, we all need to learn to feed ourselves. The benefits are numerous. If you’re a young man living on your own cooking your own meals will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars every year, that would otherwise be spent on fast food or at restaurants. Think of all the extra beer money you’ll have. If your older and you and your significant other both work then every task has to be split, especially if you have children. This means cooking. You need to do your fair share, damn it! (Forgive me if I sound like your wife)

Ultimately, I have three main goals in mind when I write this blog. The first two go hand in hand. I want to learn new things. Writing about new recipes or cooking methods as I try them encourages me to keep cooking and learning. Secondly, I want to teach. Let’s face it, some people just don’t know how to cook. This is no fault of their own. However, there is no reason not to learn. Following a recipe is simple and can be done by everyone. I will try to break things down and make instructions as easy to understand as possible. A man’s cooking knowledge can and should involve more than just a backyard grill. Lastly, I really want to begin a community of men who enjoy cooking and everything that goes along with it. Doing this can defy that stereotype that cooking is in some way unmanly. Plus, chicks dig dudes in aprons.